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Frantz Audige

전문 분야: Student, Electrical Engineer

강사 경력: I took teaching comprehensive courses, and Education courses early in college as electives just out of curiosity, and I found it was pretty cool. They would always tell us about the meaning of communication, to teach anything, not just language. So formal business grammar was always stressed especially for those who are in the Engineering and science majors seeking careers. As far as my teaching experience, it does not come from the classroom more so than from everyday going about. Aside from tutor private tutor session I might have with people on basic subject matters like math, science, physics. Language comes into this because I know A lot of individuals (peers) still 'fresh'to the English language. I find that it usually help their experience to learn that English is not my native tongue. This seems to allow their voices to open up even more and not be trapped by that self consciousness. Keep in mind these are people around my age, that I go to school with or speak to on a regular basis, so its never really strain on having to impress me, nor I to impress them. We simply talk and we both learn from each other in various topics, from culture to academia.

관심 분야: I'm into a lot of things. I've always been into art. By art I mean all type of art. Music, acting, comedy, painting; you name it. I find it cool to be able to appreciate them. I'm not saying I'm skilled at any of them, I just thing they're Awesome. I like reading manga and comics in my off time. I'm also into video games (not just playing them, but finding out the process of how they are made, and where the ideas come from). I'm an all around culture nerd; not that I know everything about every culture, but I'm always all ears to learn something new about the world.

학력: Associate in Engineering
Currently Pursuing Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Rutgers.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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