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Ashlei T

Profession: Life Explorer & People Meeter (experience in customer service, hospitality and higher education)

Teaching Experience: I have years of teaching college-level courses in variety of subjects. I also have a myriad of trainings and seminars I have conducted. I take a very student-centered approach to teaching. I truly love sharing my knowledge with others. I am kind, patient and have a great sense of humor. My experience ranges in different audience levels. I also believe I get just as much out of teaching as my students get out of learning.

Interests: I am interested in so many things. To name a few:

1. I love food! I love eating food. Thinking about food. Cooking food. Everything food! I like trying new food and never say no to something new. I was fortunate to live in the DC area for years which exposed me to so many different kinds of food. I find that going out and have conversations over a meal and one of the most authentic interactions you can have with others. You also learn more about a culture and of course leave happier with a fuller belly!

2. Even though I like going out and socializing, I also appreciate my time at home watching TV and listening to music. I like watching True Crime Shows - they enthrall me so much. You can also see me watch comedy and/or dramedy sitcoms as well as some reality tv shows. My music library is even more extensive. I love so many kinds of music from America to the UK to Europe and more! So days I'm listening to Kendrick Lamar, other days it's Florence + The Machine or The XX or other days it's Stromae (even though I don't know what he's saying since he's a Belgium rapper!). Music is another aspect of life that brings people together.

3. I am a human rights advocate and really believe everyone should have access to privileges and opportunities that others have. It is important to stay up on current events and talk about what is going on around the world. There should be equity for any group of people regardless of hardships or another groups' beliefs about them. I like having conversations about how to make the world a better place and hearing others' opinions on topics, as well.

4. Technology plays a large role in my life. It's been fascinating growing up with technology and seeing what we are able to do with the hep of technology. Technology has truly changed the way we interact with each other and has changed the world (for good or for worse depends on the topic). It's also fascinating to compare the type (or lack of) technology in different countries. I am eager to see where we will be in 5-10 years especially with the onslaught of wearable technology and virtual assistants.

5. I LOVE sports! I love watching American football and college basketball. The comrade of the game and the excitement of competition gives me life. I am also open to watching other sporting events to learn more about the sport and to see people with extraordinary talent compete. I like watching Tennis, curling, and futbol (soccer) to name a few. Sometimes it is hard to reconcile a tie in futbol as an American but the anticipation of goal is overshadows walking away from the game knowing who won.

Education: I attended The University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ for my undergraduate degree. It took me a while to hone my interests and could not decide among Pharmacy, Math, or Education. Luckily, I chose Psychology and graduated on time with a Bachelors along with a minor in Math.

I stayed at The University of Arizona and obtained my Masters in Higher Education. With this degree, I am able to help students through their college education by helping them in a variety of areas. I have experience in advising students, holding students accountable for their actions, working in residence life, managing budgets - but more of all giving students the knowledge, skills, and resources to succeed and move to the next step of their life.

Spoken Languages: 英文 (Native)

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