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Gar Higgins

Professione: Eng Manager @ Cambly.
Education, Technology
I manage manage the Engineering Team.

Sr Software Engineer @ Google
I worked on Search Quality Evaluation - we built tools and metrics that were used to ensure the search results were always improving.

Software Engineer @ Dept of Education, FSA (via Accenture)
Education, Technology
Helping build websites and systems that are used to provide Federal Student Loans to students in the United States.

Esperienza di insegnamento: My first teaching experience was as a swim instructor in high school. It was just a few weeks each summer, but it was incredibly rewarding to see the impact I could have in just a few weeks. This was in upstate NY and the weather on any day could be warm and sunny, or (more likely) cold and gray. No matter what the temperatue, I always jumped int the water to teach my students. Their success was my success, and I wanted to be by their side helping them succeed.

Interessi: I'm into everything outdoors. At the top of the list: biking, climbing, skiing and sailing.

Istruzione: Cornell University - BS in Computer Science
A concentration in Compilers and Processor Architecture.

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua)

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