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Paul Amato

강사 경력: English as a Second Language (Hess Schools, Taiwan), Asian History (Teaching Assistant, Indiana University Bloomington), East Asian Religions and Chinese Religion (Arizona State University)

관심 분야: I'm a history buff and have a wide interest in world culture and politics. On the lighter side of things, I love popular culture such as movies (especially Chinese, Indian, European) pop music (Chinese, Korean), video games, and global cuisine. I've taught English as a second language to students in the past and have been a long time language learner myself so I understand both the fun and frustration of working to master a new language and look forward to helping others to do so.

학력: B.A. in History and Philosophy and M.Ed. in Education (Loyola University Chicago), M.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures (Indiana University Bloomington)

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)