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Hugo S

강사 경력: I obtained experience with tutoring elementary and high school students while I was in AmeriCorps (US version of Peace Corps) in subjects such as math, science and english. In college, I tutored fellow classmates and students with technical science and enginering course work. While I worked in a Lima, Peru on a work assignment, I was able to help the translation group with some technical translation from english to spanish & spanish to english since they were not as experienced with technical literature. I find that if you can teach a subject to someone, and that person correctly makes use of what s/he has learned, then you can really say that you have mastered the subject.

관심 분야: I like to read fiction, play soccer and water sports, and watch international action movies. I like to travel, in particular to Paris, because I have a sister with two kids who have live there for many years. Barcelona, Spain is another location I am very fond us since I also have many family members living there. The place that I travel the most is Lima, Peru since I was born there and still have a lot of close family that live there...and the food is the best in Peru!

학력: South Street Elementary School, Danbury, CT, USA
Colton High School, Colton, CA, USA
University of California, Riverside, USA. - B.S. Mechanical Engineering

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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