Practice your last Duolingo lesson!

It's never too early to start speaking your new language. Try your new vocabulary with a native speaking tutor over video chat.


Who are the tutors?
The tutors are members of the Cambly tutor community. Cambly tutors are friendly native speakers that chat with language learners from around the world.

What will we talk about?
We'll notify your tutor about your last lesson on Duolingo, and then you can have a conversation using your new vocabulary.

Are you affiliated with Duolingo?
No, we're just big fans of Duolingo, and we wanted an easy way to practice what we learned in real conversations. We made this demo to show people it's never too early to start practicing with a native speaker.

How long is the conversation?
When you request a tutor, you'll be connected instantly. For this demo you can spend up to 10 minutes chatting with the tutor about your new vocabulary.

Which languages can I practice?
We currently have tutors to help you practice Spanish and English.

What are the technical requirements for video chat?
You'll need a computer with a webcam and microphone running Google Chrome 23 or higher.

What's my Duolingo username?
You can look up your username in your Duolingo profile.